Complimentary Initial Consultation

Send me an email with your wedding date, the name of your fianceé, the number of invitations you’re looking for, and your ideal mail-out date. If you have any questions, feel free to ask them too! You’ll receive an email back within 2 business days. From there, I will give you a cost estimate and answer any questions you might have. This initial consultation is free of charge and takes place over email.

Design Meeting

Once you’ve had a chance to review your estimate, we can get started with the design process. and arrange for an in-person, telephone, or skype meeting. We’ll work out a convenient time and location to get together and discuss your custom wedding invitation suite. In between the initial consultation and design meeting, I’ll ask you to put together a Pinterest board so that I can get a feel for your style and tastes.It’s always best to have an idea of what type or style of invitation you’re looking for.

I’ll also ask you to put together your wording before we meet (if you’re stuck on wording, don’t worry! I can help.)

During our meeting, we’ll determine a design direction to take and update the estimate if necessary.

Proofing & Revisions

After we meet, I’ll get to work designing your custom wedding suite and I’ll email you a digital proof* within 2 weeks of our meeting. Hopefully you’ll love it right away, but occasionally there are revisions that need to be made, so allow for one week just in case.

*Please note that I cannot provide physical proofs. Screen printing is very labour intensive, especially during the set up process. See “What is Screen Printing?” for more information.

Approval & Printing

Once I get your stamp of approval, I’ll start the printing process. Printing takes 2 weeks from the approval date. Once I have approval, no more revisions can be made. Proofreading is VERY important during this part of the process!

Finished and Ready for Pickup or Delivery!

After everything is printed and checked for quality, I’ll package it up for you and either pop it in the mail or arrange for you to pick them up.

(Invitation suites come un-collated. This means that you’ll have to put the invitations, rsvp, and additional items into envelopes when you get them.)